Man sentenced to 30 months in jail for molestation in Yang Ye Won case

A couple weeks ago it was revealed that the court sentenced a man in the Yang Ye Won case yo serve 30 months in prison for sexual molestation and leaking her nude photos.

The Seoul Western District Court found the 46-year-old defendant, only identified by the surname Choi, guilty on charges of sexual molestation and circulating photographic material banned by the sex crime act. The court said the evidence was sufficient to acknowledge the charges and that there were a few reasons to suggest the defendant was not telling the truth.

The defendant in Wednesday’s court ruling was charged for leaking 115 pictures of Yang to an acquaintance, along with the sexual molestation. He was also accused of uploading other models’ photos on the Internet without their consent on a dozen different occasions. Apologetic, Choi admitted to leaking the photographs but denied the sexual abuse charge. Yang’s lawyer called for stern punishment for Choi. “While the case may soon be forgotten, the photos will continue to be shared. The defendant is lying to conceal his wrongdoing.”

The last time we heard about this case was last July, and the lack of coverage of the results by K-pop sites who covered the story at the time is surprising. The tie-in of course was Suzy supporting Yang Ye Won’s petition for an investigation, and that certainly seems justified now. Most importantly, Yang Ye Won herself seems to get at least some semblance of vindication after she was turned into a national symbol of false accusation and what not.


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