Luhan thanks Tao & Kris for helping him through a bout of flight anxiety, Escape Trio™ bond now unbreakable

While at one point the Escape Trio™  seemed rather icy to one another, it’s become clearer recently that relations have thawed and they’re back to being friends. From an outsider’s perspective, Luhan seems to have contributed to this as a bit of a neutral party between the past conflict between Kris and Tao. It’s appropriate then that those two both came into the picture together to help Luhan get past his fear of flying.

People are thirsty for interactions between this trio, so unsurprisingly it trended #1 on Weibo.

Tao in particular seems to have coached Luhan through the difficult time, even going with him to the airport personally.

Very cool indeed, though Luhan’s predicament is a bit worrisome, and as somebody with anxiety I can definitely relate. Personally, this is what a lot of Xanax is for.

Man, the trio have come a long way.

Tao and Luhan are even supporting Kris’s jewelry brand ACE on SNS.


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