FNCE tells fans that AOA’s Jimin is healthy following concerning pictures

While the weight of AOA’s Jimin has been trending down for a while now, a recent Instagram post of her seemingly looking unhealthily thin grabbed fans attention and caused serious concern among fans.


While sometimes fans can be overzealous about telling idols to gain weight (like with Sunmi), it’s hard to argue with their concern in this case, as Jimin doesn’t look anything like Jimin at this point.

The worry was enough to prompt a response from FNC Entertainment, who commented, “Jimin does not have any health problems. She is working out consistently and is very healthy.

Forgive me if I don’t take that at face value. Especially so when combining this with her (“alleged”) plastic surgery, because it’s hard not to see a worrying trend towards fixing something that never really needed to be.


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