NATURE take their name literally, are now the fart queens of K-pop, start a whodunnit

During a recent broadcast on V LIVE, one of the group members of NATURE appears to let rip a quality fart at around the 10-second mark of the video clip below.

So that’s that, and they are now going to shoot to superstardom as the fart queens of K-pop. And no, I don’t care if it was staged or not, because if the group is willing to be labeled fart lords of K-pop for mediaplay, then more power to them.

So the only question left is: Who cut it?

Obviously the blonde girl second from the right in the back is the choice most people are going with as she reacts immediately and seems embarrassed by it as the other members look in her direction. However, as a person who has accidentally let slip a few escapees in my time, I posit the culprit is the blonde girl first from the right in the back, as she has the most genuine reaction to accidentally letting one rip by being initially mortified instead of confused and also one of the last to laugh about it until everybody else is. To support my hypothesis, she is leaning forward at the moment the fart rips through the studio like super typhoon, and we all know that giving your farts room to escape is key.


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