GFRIEND’s Yuju recovered her old YouTube account & commented on one of her pre-debut covers from 2014

GFRIEND‘s Yuju recently regained access to an old YouTube account and brought attention to a pre-debut cover of “Let It Go” by leaving a comment herself.

Finally, I found access to the account. 🙂 In the middle of the night, singing, and dreaming in a small room. The video that I carefully recorded has become precious to me and it is a memory that I can share with Buddies. I still remember singing “Let It Go” during that time, I recorded it before watching the movie so I didn’t know the scene in the movie when I sang it so it’s really unfortunate. If I had sung it after watching I think I would have known the feeling a bit more! Hehe, that was a TMI. Everyone, like those days when I’m singing with pure passion, always with unchanging heart and with even better appearance, I will give you a lot of good songs. I’d like to thank all of you for the support. I love you.

Maybe she’ll now join the trend of K-pop artists becoming YouTubers? Or at least use it for song covers? Hopefully.

She also did a cover of 40‘s “Please Take My Love Letter, a rare ballad that I actually enjoy.


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