[Review] Seven O’Clock play things safe on “Get Away”, which is probably not what they need

Boy group Seven O’Clock released a truly underrated mini album last October, led by a pair of equally strong title tracks. Unfortunately, the group’s work seems under-funded and under-promoted, making it hard for them to stand out in the competitive K-pop market. Given these circumstances, I’m not sure if they’ll ever break out in a meaningful way, but I find myself rooting for them each time they make a comeback.

Digital single “Get Away” is the group’s latest release, and like so many recent boy group tracks it lacks impact. This isn’t to say that every K-pop single needs to be some knockout, jaw-dropping performance piece, but the slight ambitions aren’t likely to bring in many new fans.

“Get Away” feels absolutely trend-free, which is a plus. There’s no trap, no tropical, no future bass, no mumbly, autotuned hip-hop. Instead, “Get Away” rides on a gentle, guitar-driven pop instrumental. It has a carefree — almost lazy — appeal. It’s the kind of song you just want to nod your head to, anchored by a memorable sing-song hook that draws on the group’s impressive harmonic blend.

No segment feels shoehorned in, even as the production briefly amps up during the second-verse rap. However, the track could do with some punch. It never really gathers steam, and lacks the kind of climactic moments that would have listeners reaching for the replay button. This flat-line structure may work well for a b-side or album track, but as a single “Get Away” plays things too safe.

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