Seungri reportedly texted about providing prostitutes to investors, YGE says texts are manipulated

As the Burning Sun assault scandal has grown into a general crackdown on clubs, Big Bang star Seungri has generally managed to maintain a plausible deniability about any connection to the seedier sides of the scene. However, in a recent report SBS FunE has revealed text messages that connect Seungri to a conversation about acquiring prostitutes for investors.

In KakaoTalk texts that started from 11:38 PM KST on December 6, 2015, Seungri, Mr. Yu of Yuri Holdings, an anonymous singer C, and an employee Mr. Kim talked about getting women to provide sexual services to men they believed were foreign gang members that came with a foreign investor B to Club Arena.

Seungri: Kim, do everything Investor B asks. Prepare Arena main seats 3 and 4. Looks like a client from Taiwan has come. Call *** and help him.
Kim: Which girls could I call now. Chinese, omg. Anyway, I’ve prepared the seats. I guess B is the only woman.
Yu: And Kim, make sure B doesn’t mingle with other people.
Kim: I’ll be right next to her.
Seungri: Do it right, Kim. And don’t make any mistakes.
Yu: Someone who can accommodate B, someone who can’t speak English. People like Mr. Lee (current Burning Sun representative).

Kim: We prepared two main seats and sent security too. We’ll take good care.
Seungri: Okay, how about the girls? Ones who give well.
Kim: I’m calling them now but I don’t know if they’ll give. They’d give if it were you guys, lol. Anyway, I’m calling the cheap ones. Wow … the size …threee of them are bigger than me. Anyway, I called ** (girl). They’re apparently Taiwanese gangsters.
C: Chinese people like girls who look like they had a lot of plastic surgery.
Seungri: Anyway, do a good job.
Yu: I’m preparing prostitutes now so when the two prostitutes come, Kim, lead the way and help them get to the hotel. Two is enough right?
Kim: Yes. I’ve sent the two gangsters.

Burning Sun was not around back in 2015, but this was reportedly a part of Seungri gathering domestic and foreign investors for his various businesses.

If the texts prove legitimate, then obviously Seungri was at least party to using a club as a way to essentially pimp women to people who the chat thought were members of organized crime in return of commitment to invest. Additionally, it would continue to shine a light on the way women were regarded by everybody involved.

That said, YG Entertainment has responded to the report about the text messages, saying that they are not true and that the texts are manipulated. They also follow by threatening legal action. While many may not believe this explanation, it seems relevant to note the complete denial of this compared to the lack of questioning of the authenticity of the Burning Sun group chat texts.


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