(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon apologizes for righteously stealing expensive-ass software

On a recent video released by Cube Entertainment, the desktop of Soyeon of (G)I-DLE was shown presumably as a look at how she produces her own music.

The problem is that netizen snitches noticed that Soyeon had a bunch of cracked software on her computer, with some costing over $1000 to purchase, and so they made a fuss about it. Soyeon then apologized, explaining that she only used it earlier.

Hello, this is Soyeon. First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for causing any worry due to such disgraceful news. I felt the need to explain this on our fancafe. Firstly, I am currently self-reflecting on the fact that I did indeed own and use illegally downloaded programs. I remember using many different programs back when I first started learning how to compose music. For reasons that I neither deleted nor organized these files in the past, and for not even having consciously thought about it, I sincerely reflect back on it with remorse. Ever since I began in earnest to produce music, up to the recent songs that I have made, I have only used official programs, but I apologize once again for worrying you with an ignorance of copyright issues as a creator, no matter what the circumstances. From now on, I will study and act more carefully, never to use or own any kind of illegal file in the future.

So she admits to using cracked software and people were quick to forgive her for it because, well, they likely have illegally downloaded shit on their computer because we all do.

But most importantly, Soyeon is good actually, and my reasoning is this: FUCK THOSE PRICE GOUGING MOTHERFUCKING COMPANIES.


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