N.Flying ride “Rooftop” to their first ever music show win on The Show

As I had previously chronicled, N.Flying were in the midst of their Crayon Pop/EXID moment, but now it has been realized in full through “Rooftop” suddenly surging to the top of the charts. So they’re back on music shows following the resurgence, and they ended up taking home their first-ever music show win on The Show.

Congratulations to them, as it’s always nice to see a relative nugu rise suddenly like they have. Though more important than the music show win is the fact that it continues to be a beast on the chart, rising to #1 on Melon and even blocking Sunmi‘s “Noir” (and still is right now, apparently).

And you know their popularity is on the upswing because they’re being hit with salty sajaegi accusations. That’s when you know their rise has fans of other idols in their feelings.


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