[Update] Jung Joon Young reportedly shared hidden cam vids in chat that included Seungri + Highlight’s Yong Junhyung denies being in chat

Seungri may have announced his retirement, but his scandals involving prostitution and hidden camera group texts continues to deepen, as the other celebrities who were allegedly involved are starting to be named. SBS‘s ‘8 O’Clock Newsreported that one of the singers involved was Jung Joon Young and that he had shared hidden camera videos.

According to the report, SBS found records of such conversations dating back to late-2015 through a restored Excel file. The report also revealed that there was ten months’ worth of such data. In one conversation, Jung Joon Young told his friend Mr. Kim that he had engaged in sexual intercourse. In response, Mr. Kim asked, “Don’t you have videos,” and Jung Joon Young soon uploaded a three-second clip of the act that was secretly recorded. The singer also announced in a proud manner that he had secretly filmed such acts. During the same period, Jung Joon Young also shared a clip of himself in close contact with a waitress at a hostess bar. The SBS report stated that ten people were currently confirmed as victims to being illegally filmed. In addition to Jung Joon Young, other celebrities such as Mr. Choi also shared illegal hidden camera footage in the chatroom. SBS revealed that the number of female victims will increase when the incidents are combined.

The authenticity of these conversations should be easier to verify than those which are just text, as they actually shared videos and pictures.

Further details from the group chat were also revealed by SBS, if you want to read them. It includes one victim who found out Jung Joon Young filmed her and didn’t report him out of concern that he would spread the video, but he did it in the group chat anyway.

Meanwhile, his agency Make Us Entertainment responded with basically a no comment.

Jung Joon Young’s agency stated, “Jung Joon Young did not confirm, nor deny these reports. He is currently filming in the United States. We will issue a statement as he returns to Korea.”

As things currently stand, it’s difficult to see this case as anything but Jung Joon Young needing to serve time in prison. The only way for that to change is if he can somehow show that this has all been fabricated, which at this point seems almost impossible to do.


There was another singer involved in the group chat, and because of his surname, many believe it’s Yong Junhyung of Highlight.

Another member of the chatroom was labeled in the report as “Singer Yong.” This is not a common family name in Korea. There has been some speculation online that the singer is Yong Junhyung of Highlight.

However, Around Us Entertainment issued an immediate denial.

Around Us Entertainment stated, “We have confirmed that it is not Yong Junhyung. It is a groundless rumor.”

Then they followed by providing a statement, admitting that Junhyung actually did have a conversation with Jung Joon Young, but it had nothing to do with the group chat.

Hello, this is Around Us Ent. We are writing in regards to the news of the reveal of singer Jung Joon Young’s KakaoTalk chatroom, which was reported on SBS’s ‘8 O’Clock News’ on March 11, 2019. We are aware that people are saying that Highlight member Yong Junhyung is the ‘Singer Yong’ that is shown in the contents of the conversation from the group chatroom with illegal hidden camera footage that was revealed on the news. Yong Junhyung has no connection to the filming or sharing of illegal videos. Also, Yong Junhyung has never been in a chatroom where Jung Joon Young’s illegal hidden camera videos were shared. In addition to that, we have confirmed that he has never been in any group chatroom at all with Jung Joon Young. We directly confirmed with Yong Junhyung after the news report and found out that conversation that was shared in the news was originally the content of a one-on-one conversation between Jung Joon Young and Yong Junhyung. Previously in 2016 when Jung Joon Young was having a hard time due to a personal matter, Yong Junhyung asked him what was happening. Jung Joon Young replied ‘I got caught taking a video and sending it [the message included symbols for laughter],” and [Yong Junhyung] asked in return, ‘You mean you were caught by the woman?’ In regards to the simulated group chatroom screenshot that was shared in the news, we plan to verify with SBS News about the authenticity. Of course, it is true that he is a friend of Jung Joon Young, however being caught up in this matter for the simple reason of them being friends has made Yong Junhyung and everyone who knows him feel aggrieved. We will be taking strict legal action in cases of the damaging of our artist’s reputation through the continued spread of false information and malicious posts or comments. We hope that the fans, who must have been very surprised by the sudden news during the evening, are quickly able to relax. We ask for your continued interest and love for the five members of Highlight. Thank you.

I suppose this is one of those explanations that’s possible, but it’s also hard to blame anybody that’s suspect given that even in their version of events they admit that Yong Junhyung and Jung Joon Young discussed the latter getting caught taking hidden camera video. Thus, it would take a bit of suspension of reality to believe that Junhyung was completely unaware and/or unconnected to this.


Yong Junhyung has now personally addressed the news on his Instagram.

Hello, this is Yong Junhyung. I am also in a state of confusion, but since it seems like there are many people who are worried or angry because of me, I’m personally sharing this post. I was truly taken aback when I heard that it was said that I may have participated in or been caught up in this incident according to the news report today, and regardless of whether or not it’s true, I’ve once again looked back on myself because of the fact that my name was mentioned in relation to this. The reported content that was edited together after removing the context is entirely not true, and when I heard about this content I couldn’t even recognize that such events had occurred. You can think that even what I said when I thoughtlessly answered with a question was a mistake. In the future I will be a little more careful about everything I say and do. From Yong Junhyung.

For now it certainly appears that he wasn’t involved in the sharing of hidden camera videos and pictures and all that, but it also seems like he knew about his friend doing that kind of thing and didn’t seem to care about it.



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