Police corruption reportedly connected to Jung Joon Young’s 2016 hidden camera case in which he was cleared

As has been mentioned before, Jung Joon Young was actually accused in a hidden camera case back in 2016 as well. However, at the time he avoided punishment and was cleared by police. Now though, we’re finding out that there may have been a reason for that as investigations into police corruption continue.

SBS has reported that a police officer overseeing that 2016 hidden camera case requested that the digital forensics company falsify documents saying that they couldn’t restore Jung Joon Young’s phone.

According to the report, the police officer from Seongdong Police Station requested the digital forensics company to write a confirmation letter claiming that the data from the cell phone was unable to be restored. On August 22, 2016, the police officer called the forensics company and asked, “Since we’re working on the case, there’s something that’s a bit complicated. Jung Joon Young told us that he left the data here. Doesn’t it take some time? He admitted it himself anyways, and we don’t have much time, so I wanted to ask, since the device is old and worn-out, if you could write us a confirmation letter stating that the data was unable to be restored for the data confirmation results.” In response to the police officer, the forensics company replied, “The work we do is like that, so there should be some type of procedural action. I also have to state why [the data cannot be restored], so I don’t know about [this request].” Upon being rejected, the police concluded the investigation before receiving the data.

Well … I guess the forensics company rejecting the request provides some hope for humanity in terms of honor. But regardless, it seems the police didn’t care to actually investigate Jung Joon Young and just wanted to clear him, which indicates some level of corruption.

As far as the police officer goes, he denied knowing about the aforementioned events but then gets exposed.

SBS: Was there a time where you requested the digital forensics worker to declare “the restoration was not possible” or for the worker to write a fake confirmation letter?
XXX: This is the first time I’m hearing the phrase “restoration not possible”. It’s unprecedented for the officer in charge of an investigation to ask something like that from a private company.
SBS: You didn’t make that request?
XXX: I did not. Because the forensics worker was working on it.

The SBS journalist then played the audio evidence of him speaking to the company back then, and magically he managed to say a bit.

“It’s true that I did make that phone call. But, the situation wasn’t so severe that I had to say something to that point, right? I am in quite the awkward position now, right? Right now.”

I feel like a terrible person because this involves a serious crime, but I’m laughing at this fucking power move by SBS. They let him deny it, played him his own voice, and then asked him again if he had anything to say. This is definitely going in the movie.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the police didn’t even bother to get the results before clearing him.

SBS: Later on, did you receive the results from the digital forensics company?
XXX: We did not receive them.
SBS: So, do you know what content was in the phone then?
XXX: I don’t know.

Either way, this obviously throws into question Jung Joon Young being cleared in the 2016 hidden camera case (though it already was after everything that’s come out, honestly), but more importantly it speaks to a wider police corruption issue.


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