CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun reportedly involved in chat with Jung Joon Young, received sexual videos from him

Following FNC Entertainment’s denial of CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun’s involvement with the Jung Joon Young/Seungri group chat, SBS 8 O’Clock News reported that Lee Jong Hyun had received sexual videos in a chat with Jung Joon Young and also talked about exchanging women.

The report includes messages in which Lee Jong Hyun told Jung Joon Young “Yesterday I *** with [names redacted].” Jung Joon Young replied, “Nice. Introduce me next time.” Lee Jong Hyun sent Jung Joon Young a message saying, “Send me a woman quick.” The request he made for a type of woman was censored out. Jung Joon Young asked him “Who should I give you?” Lee Jong Hyun replied, “If you have ones you haven’t *** that would be good, but if not then just a pretty ***.” Another text from Lee Jong Hyun said “Do you have any *** that are young, pretty, and nice? Ones that are good to play with [symbols for laughter.]”

Furthermore, there are uncorroborated reports that he actually shared hidden camera videos himself with others. Obviously nothing would surprise me at this point, but grain of salt for now.

Obviously this contradicts FNCE’s claim that he has no connection to the incident and further expands the potential people involved in this.


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