Police contact connected to Mr. Yoo mentioned in Seungri/Jung Joon Young group chat is reportedly senior superintendent

After it was revealed in the group chat conversations with Seungri and Jung Joon Young that Choi Jong Hoon’s DUI was allegedly covered up thanks to Mr. Yoo of Yuri Holdings, it became a major point of concern as to who this individual was and if they were involved with police. Later, there was a story about the opening of the Monkey Museum club and how the chat refers to a ‘police chief’ that Mr. Yoo knows that can help them with issues. Well, while the people in charge of the police denied involvement, it turns out that the person Mr. Yoo referred to is reportedly a senior superintendent, which was allegedly confirmed by him in investigations.

During his police questioning on March 14, Mr. Yoo allegedly revealed that the police insider in question holds a position equivalent to a senior superintendent. Previously in the Kakao Talk messages, this figure was referred to by a nickname ‘Police President’ – a position that does not exist within the current police bureau.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police have secured evidence that this police insider was involved in covering up business violations for Seungri, Mr. Yoo, and others in the group chat in the past; however, the name of the business was not mentioned.

The scary part about police corruption being brought into the mix is that it causes people to doubt the legal outcome, especially when thinking about how this case has seemingly been handled sloppily from the beginning by police. One hopes for the best, but if it’s true they have contacts within the police, then it’s hard not to question things if those involved in this do escape the more serious charges.


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