Videos of CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun allegedly sexually harassing female idols spread, FNCE denies & threatens legal action

Lee Jong Hyun of CNBLUE has recently come under intense fire for having admitted to watching hidden camera videos filmed by Jung Joon Young. While the fandom understandably wants him out of the group, FNC Entertainment has said he’s reflecting but won’t withdraw.

Now though, Lee Jong Hyun he has come under fire for alleged incidents where he sexually harassed female idols and it was caught on video.

2 videos gained attention on social media regarding Lee Jonghyun’s manners on stage. One video portrayed him coming from behind and slid his hand on the girl group member’s flank to touch her breast. She quickly brushes his hand off from her. The other video portrays the groups gathering in the middle and him putting his hand against a girl group member’s butt. The member turns back and sees him laughing. They continued walking and seemed to be exchanging words People are accusing him of molesting girl groups

For at least the first incident, I’m not exactly sure what there is to deny. For the second, normally you might give the benefit of the doubt even though it certainly looks on purpose with the way he’s walking unnaturally, but considering everything he’s just copped to … yeah, no.

FNCE has issued a strong rebuttal to this, threatening to sue.

The agency stated, “The rumors about Lee Jong Hyun on the Internet are not true. He has acknowledged what he did wrong and is reflecting on his mistakes. We intend to take strong legal action against the netizens who are spreading malicious and false information.”

Of course, given their statements on former FT Island member Choi Joon Hoon as well as past Lee Jong Hyun denials, take their statement with a mountain of salt in terms of how it impacts what you feel is true.

People are wondering why FNCE are defending Lee Jong Hyun so strongly and speculating it’s about stocks, but it can’t be that for a company of their size. Surely it has to be some kind of personal relationship.


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