Choi Jong Hoon booked for attempt to bribe police after being caught drunk driving in 2016

Choi Jong Hoon, a former member of FT Island and 2019 contender for Grave Digger Of The Year, has now been booked on charges of attempted bribery of a police officer in relation to his 2016 drunk driving incident.

On March 21, the police announced that they booked Choi Jong Hoon for offering 2 million won (approximately $1,778) at the scene to cover up his drunk driving incident. A source from the police said, “We have booked Choi Jong Hoon for now because we received a testimony from the officer that [Choi Jong Hoon] showed desire to offer bribes to him.” It was further revealed that the police officer rejected the offer at the time.
The source continued, “We will confirm how [Choi Jong Hoon] offered the bribes, how [the offer] was rejected, and how [the situation] was concluded, through further investigation.”

Previously he had denied he tried to get police to cover it up despite the chats, and recently he admitted a connection to a senior superintendent under corruption investigation but again denied involvement in bribing or favors.

Okay … the thing about this is I honestly don’t know if this is the truth. Yes, Choi Jong Hoon has continually lied until evidence has proven otherwise, and him trying to bribe the police is completely believable. However, given the ongoing corruption investigations into police, it’s hard not to wonder at least a little whether police are just covering up a bribe happening. Going forward, I’d watch for whether or not they try to wash their hands of the senior superintendent story through this or if they (correctly) treat it like a separate thing.


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