Sojin & Yura sign with new agencies, Girl’s Day on hiatus

Ever since it was revealed that Sojin would not be sticking with DreamT Entertainment, the writing was on the wall a bit, but now the Girl’s Day hiatus is kinda being driven home after both Sojin and Yura have signed with new agencies.

Noon Company is Sojin’s new agency and they revealed her signing.

On March 19, noon company revealed that they signed an exclusive contract with Sojin. They said, “We’re happy to [work] with Sojin who’s shown her diverse charms through variety shows, acting, and of course, music. To make Sojin’s limitless potential and talent shine, we won’t hold back in supporting her in numerous ways.”

Sojin then released a statement on her Instagram.

Hello, this is Sojin. I’m writing this so that our DAI5Ys won’t be surprised and worried at the news that I’ll be working with a new company. It’s already been nine years since I met YuraMinahHyeri, dongsaengs who are like the most precious treasures in the world, in 2010 with the name Girl’s Day. First, I want to sincerely thank DAI5Ys and everyone who always supported me with love as Girl’s Day’s Sojin during the precious nine years despite my shortcomings. Since the moment Girl’s Day began, and until now, today, the members and I have talked a lot with each other and cared for each other, and even while I was deciding on a new company, they thought over the decision with me, and I’m grateful for the members who’ve always helped me in making a good decision. Now I must start the difficult talk. I really wanted to apologize to fans who waited for us for temporarily putting down the title of Girl’s Day. However, I don’t think Girl’s Day is over; we’re just putting it on pause, and while it may take a long time, please wait until the day we can be together again. I pray and hope that each member, including myself, will spend time doing their best in their respective positions, so that the day can arrive when we can deliver welcoming news through a good opportunity. I was able to come this far because all of you were there, and because I’ve earned the opportunity and courage to take on a challenge, I’ll repay [everyone] by spending the time fruitfully. Now, I will start a new, different story of mine as “Park So Jin.” I love you, thank you, and I’m sorry. This was Sojin. Please love me till the end. Thank you.

Meanwhile, Yura signed with Awesome ENT, which the company confirmed.

On March 20, industry representatives reported that the Girl’s Day member is joining Awesome ENT after departing Dream T Entertainment. In response to the reports, Awesome ENT confirmed that Yura has signed an exclusive contract with the company. Through an official statement, the agency commented, “Not only does Yura have charms as a singer, but she also has much potential to grow as a great actress. We will support Yura in my ways so that she can showcase her talents and passion, so please look forward to her upcoming activities.”

They’re gonna stay away from the word disband, and a reunion is always possible since they still seem close in real life, but it’s definitely gonna be a while now.


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