Police reportedly secure testimony regarding prostitution at Seungri’s birthday party + texts show him involved in managing Burning Sun

While Seungri‘s lavish birthday party in the Philippines was previously considered to be a jumping off point for his future business partnerships, it was also linked to potential prostitution as well. Now police reportedly have testimony regarding prostitution that happened at the event.

On April 7, Channel A reported that the police had confirmed that eight women who attended Seungri’s 2017 birthday party, which was held in the Philippines, were professional escorts. According to the report, after questioning these women, the police were able to secure testimony that Seungri had been involved in prostitution mediation. That same day, a source from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency investigation unit confirmed, “We held an investigation and questioned a number of women who attended [Seungri’s] party in Palawan regarding the allegations of prostitution mediation.” The source also stated, “We obtained the list of the Palawan party attendees.” However, the police representative declined to provide further details, explaining, “Since the police investigation is still ongoing, it is difficult for us to confirm the exact number of people and the details of the investigation.”

The police have confirmed that Seungri paid for all of the travel expenses for the escorts who attended his party, and the police are investigating whether the travel expenses were a form of compensation for prostitution. The former singer is currently suspected of using prostitution mediation to obtain new investments from foreign investors or to retain current investments. The police have also obtained testimony that prostitution took place at another location beside Palawan.

Seungri’s side denied soliciting prostitution, a stance they have maintained throughout.

Seungri has denied these allegations, stating, “There is no truth [to the claim] that I’ve mediated prostitution.” The total cost of his 2017 birthday party is estimated to be about 600 million won (approximately $527,385), and Seungri claimed that he paid all of the attendees’ travel expenses and not just those of the women suspected to be involved in prostitution mediation.

Police had partially confirmed prostitution charges against Seungri due to testimony acquired in relation to the incident at club Arena, but this is a a separate instance.

Additionally, texts have reportedly revealed that Seungri was participating in running the Burning Sun club despite previous claims that he was just a part-owner essentially in name only and was involved in promotions.

Yonhap News also obtained Kakao Talk messages in which Seungri delegates work to the Burning Sun staff. Seungri proposed agendas ranging from checking IDs to strengthening the staff’s sex education and stated, “Carry these out starting in early April,” using a commanding tone. This evidence goes against Seungri’s claim that he was only acting as a promoter for the club.

This is obviously somewhat of a big deal if it turns out to be true, because it would be harder for him to disconnect himself from knowledge of all the drug use/distribution and sexual assault that was apparently going on.


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