SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun files false accusation and defamation lawsuit against sexual assault accuser

At the end of last month, it was revealed that SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun had been accused of sexual assault. He denied the charges at the time, and now his agency SDKB has revealed that he will be taking legal action against the alleged victim for false accusation and defamation of character.

“Hello, this is SDKB. SDKB artist Kim Hyung Jun was sued on March 25, 2019 by a woman claiming she was sexually assaulted by him. We wish to inform you that Kim Hyung Jun will be taking legal action against the woman for filing a false accusation and for defamation of character. Because of the woman’s unilateral and false accusation, Kim Hyung Jun suffered considerable damage to the image and honor he has built up for the past 15 years as a celebrity, and he is experiencing severe restrictions to his activities. On April 9, 2019, Kim Hyung Jun filed a complaint of false accusation and defamation of character against the woman to the Ilsan Eastern Provincial Police Agency. After filing her suit against Kim Hyung Jun, the woman continues to write false accusations that are difficult to understand on her social media account, which include claims that appear to contradict her own testimony. Many news reports have been made based on the woman’s testimony, which was made based on malicious intent, and as a result, Kim Hyung Jun and his family are suffering from severe mental anguish. Kim Hyung Jun also plans to file a civil suit of compensation of losses for all of the monetary and mental damages incurred by the woman. We plan to firmly and thoroughly pursue the truth in this matter, if at least to stop the spreading of false information.

As many of you know, the way defamation law is setup in Korea, the truth being on your side doesn’t necessarily mean you win or lose the suit. However, false accusation is a different beast intended to punish lies, and if he can prove that it should be enough to exonerate him.


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