Sunny Hill adds 2 new members & will be returning as 4, I am excite

People forget about Sunny Hill because the debuted in 2007 and their relevancy declined after 2013, but they had a surprising run of quality and success before leaving their previous agency in 2017.

Now though they’re hoping to regain some of their notoriety, as two of the previous group members in Seungah and Kota have signed with BOD Entertainment, and they’ll be returning with the addition of new members Eunjoo and Gunhee (formerly of Purfles) to form a four-member girl group.

The group recently signed an exclusive contract with BOD Entertainment upon the return of original members Seungah and Kota, along with an addition of new members Eunjoo and Kunhee. Seungah will once again show her outstanding beauty and talents with her recently changed name Bitna. Kota, who portrayed irreplaceable energy on stage, is also planning to show off her unique sound and rap skills. Eunjoo used to be a solo musician named Ray.B while Kunhee was once the leader of girl group Purfles. A new era of Sunny Hill will begin with them. BOD Entertainment said, “Since all of the members have the best singing and overwhelming performance energy, we are confident that there is a possibility for them to grow not only in Korea, but also in the global market. Based on mutual trust, we will create the future of Sunny Hill. We will provide our full support for the members who are preparing for a new leap forward. We are working on a new album with the goal of releasing in the first half of the year. Please pay a lot of attention to Sunny Hill who will be back with high-quality music and new charm.”

Normally I wouldn’t care much about something like this, but Sunny Hill always brought something unique to the scene, along with quality and meaningful thematic material. It’s worth your intrigue at the very least.


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