[Update] ‘Produce X 101’ Yun Seo Bin’s contract with JYPE terminated following school bully allegations, he apologizes in statement

Following his appearance on ‘Produce X 101‘, JYP Entertainment trainee became a topic of debate after allegations emerged that he was a school bully, as well as drank and smoke underage.

Recently, someone claiming to have known Yun Seo Bin during his school days posted online with old photos allegedly of him. The poster wrote that Yun Seo Bin, who was known by his birth name Yun Byung Hwee at the time, was well known in Gwangju for being a school bully who committed violence ever since he was in middle school. Photos have also been shared through online communities of someone who is described as being Yun Seo Bin, although his identity has not been confirmed. They include a photo of someone sitting by a table with alcohol bottles, and another photo of someone smoking while wearing a school uniform.

I wouldn’t say the drinking and smoking is a big deal, but it certainly gives credibility to the post about knowing him and his reputation.

That said, others came forward to dispute this characterization of him.

Meanwhile, others have come forward to deny this claim that Yun Seo Bin was a bully at school. One person who said they were his classmate wrote, “He wasn’t a bully like the post described.” They added, “He was in the athletic club, but he didn’t misbehave. He was very kind.”

These type of things are always hard to figure out, because you never really know who is saying what or if they have an agenda in doing so.

JYP Entertainment themselves said they were looking into the allegations.

JYP Entertainment has said, “We are currently verifying the truth about the statement.” A source from “Produce X 101” told outlet OSEN that they’d contacted JYP to ask about this, and the production team is also looking into it themselves.

Perhaps tellingly, a day later they terminated their contract with him.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. This is an official statement regarding trainee Yun Seo Bin. After determining that the policies of JYP Entertainment are not being followed, we have decided to terminate the contract of trainee Yun Seo Bin, who is currently appearing on Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101.’ As a result, he will also be leaving the program.

Seems like that about says it all.


Yun Seo Bin apologized when he was contacted for a statement.

News outlet Ilgan Sports got in contact with Yun Seo Bin afterwards, and he repeated continuously, “I apologize.” Regarding photos of him drinking and smoking as a minor, he commented, “It is true that I partied in high school, and I am still reflecting a lot about that. I am apologetic to JYP Entertainment and the ‘Produce X 101’ production team as it has resulted in this.” Some speculated that he changed his name from Yun Byung Hwee and quit school to clear his past, to which Yun Seo Bin explained, “I definitely did not change my name and quit school to clear my past. I changed my name because my name has always been difficult to pronounce and because my parents frequently went to saju readers who said that the name is not good.” (Saju is Korean fortune telling based off of the astrological concept of the Four Pillars of Destiny.) He continued, “Also, I signed as a trainee of a different agency in my second year of high school and quit school because it was too difficult to go back and forth between Gwangju and Seoul.” About the claims of him being a school bully, Yun Seo Bin responded, “I apologize. Regardless of the reason, it is wrong to have caused that situation, so I apologize.” When asked if the victims have gotten in touch with him to ask him to apologize, he said that they have not. Yun Seo Bin concluded, “I apologize for causing such a big controversy although I am only a trainee. I am back in my hometown right now, and I cannot even go on the Internet or meet people. Thinking about what I can do now and mostly thinking that the public will not see me positively even if I do anything, I cannot get myself to do anything right now. I am just apologetic to everyone.”

He released a personal statement later, continuing to apologize.

I don’t know where to start. First, I’m writing this to apologize to everyone who supported me and everyone who has been affected by my actions. When I was in school, I was very immature and didn’t know much about the world. All the things I shouldn’t have done as a minor, like drinking, smoking, and other things I’m not proud of … And my dreams … I was so scared every day. I felt that I was running toward the edge of a cliff, and I was always plagued with fear and worry. But I’ve never tried to hide my past or deceive others because of fear, and I never hid it from the agency I was a part of either. As a result of these recent events, I’ve looked back and tried to recall memories of my actions from the past, and I’ve thought a lot about if there’s anyone else who I brought discomfort to. Even if nothing exists in records or my memories, just the fact that this controversy happened means that someone had a difficult time because of me. If there is anyone for whom that is the case, I sincerely apologize. Rather than wanting forgiveness, I’m just so sorry to everyone who had a difficult time because of me, to my agency, to the producers of the program, and to everyone that I had trained with. I’m sorry.

Quality apologies at least.


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