Songs You May Have Missed: April Edition

There are so many artists out there that even outside of idol pop music there’s a ton of stuff that either gets overlooked or passed up, so to remedy that, here are Songs You May Have Missed that came out during April.


Kisum Feat. Woody – “Say Hi”

Everyone’s favourite adorable rap girl Kisum released another solid song earlier this month with “Say Hi”, and it’s definitely got those morning-wake-up playlist vibes. The challenge is really for Kisum to release something awful, at this point.

A Pink – “Everybody Ready”

Okay, so this is the only idol pop song on this list. It’s cute, the music video looks like it was probably fairly chill to film, and A Pink released it as part of their 8th anniversary celebrations. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s not terrible, and it seems to have slipped past everyone’s notice.

Wetter – “GGONDAE”

Turning it around completely, in the middle of this month Wetter released the heavily-shoegaze influenced “GGONDAE”. Of every song on this list, this is the one I’ve listened to the most, because it’s kind of a good antidote to the 3 PM working-day tiredness slump.

NUNSSEOP – “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

Pretty-boy rapper NUNSSEOP wanders though a vaporwave dreamstate in this music video, which is fitting for his soporific tones and twinkly keyboard accompaniment.

OOHYO – “Swimming”

Oh, finally a track without a music video. Much better known for her whimsical hits “Pizza” and “Papercut“, this track by OOHYO wouldn’t be out of place in a moody late-night travel vlog. Actually, just go away and listen to the whole of OOHYO’s album.

Reddy – “DRESS CODE”

I honestly thought Reddy would blow up way more than he has with international fans over the past couple of years. He has good flow and a fairly solid set of tracks under his belt. Admittedly this one is a little weak and doesn’t particularly stand out, but it’s absolutely Reddy’s stealth style icon brand.

Jeebanoff Feat. Sogumm – “We (OUI)”

The song is a silky as fuck, a bittersweet jam, and the music video is beautiful. There’s not much I can say about it, except if you don’t like quasi-jazzy tracks maybe this one won’t be for you. Maybe just watch the music video anyway.

Woo Won Jae Feat. Simon D & Hoody – “SS”

The song has that enduringly popular lo-fi + attempted breakbeat + slightly buried vocals combination that damn kids these days absolutely love, plus there’s that lovely rumbly Woo Won Jae signature. Simon D is great on this track as always, and yes I do just love everything he does. Meanwhile, Hoody always improves everything. This is definitely nothing new though, so I’m not surprised it’s not really being chatted about.

Code Kunst Feat. JMSN – “Too Late”

Code Kunst always comes through with songs you can angst to, and it’s very much that recognisable Code Kunst slow style even ten seconds in. Please stop sleeping on Code Kunst.

Ku One Chan Feat. Chang Sukhoon – “Dear You”

Good lord those are some smooth vocals. This is another one of those mid-afternoon slump-fixing songs. But also like, don’t go dropping off old computer monitors in the middle of nowhere like in the music video. That shit is bad for the environment.

Hash Swan Feat. Skinny Brown – “Arrow”

Sometimes I wish I didn’t like Hash Swan as much as I do because I can’t make peace with that name. I can never ever say it out loud. Anyway, this track is fine but it’s not representative of Hash Swan’s best work. For that, I recommend “Mashimaro“, “Daily Look“, and “Francesca“. There’s nothing explicitly wrong with this track, but it’s missing a definite hook for sure.


That pink suit. Her vocals. The groove. So!YoON! deserves to not only have everyone love her, but also pledge to give her their souls in return for her continued presence on the music scene.


That’s all for April, see you next month (Editor’s Note: Hopefully!).

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