14U disband, reportedly after member has inappropriate relations with staff + company denies

14U was (unsurprisingly) a 14-member boy group that was recently disbanded, which their company BGent confirmed in a statement.

Hello. This is BGent. First of all, we sincerely thank the fans who have cherished and loved 14U until now. After long discussion between the agency and the 14U members, it was decided that the group will disband and go their separate ways. Although they cannot continue with the name 14U, the members have a close relationship with each other and the agency, but the mutual agreement was made to respect each member’s dream and future. We express our gratitude to the 14U members who have worked hard together in unity towards their dreams. We will support and cheer on the paths that the members want to go down, and we will do our best to help them. Along with our apologetic feelings towards the many fans who have given unchanging love and support, we ask for warm interest and support for the members who are awaiting new beginnings. Thank you.

That didn’t seem too out of place considering that most people had likely never heard of them before and groups like that give up all the time, but according to a recent report there was a lot more that went into their situation.

Specifically, one of the members reportedly had a relationship with an older company staff that is supposedly a company director.

On May 13, Xportsnews reported that the group actually disbanded because of sexual relations between one of the members, who is in his early 20s, and a female staff member, who is in her late 30s. According to the reports, the other members and staff members found out, and the parents of the members requested for the agency to terminate their contracts.

BGent’s CEO responded by denying the report.

The head of BGent, however, denied these reports, commenting, “The rumors have been exaggerated, but that did not happen. Their disbandment as decided by mutual agreement with the members and their parents because they have differing dreams.”

Not quite sure how to read that.

It was exaggerated? So it happened, just not quite the way it was reported then? Or did it not happen at all? Because this sure seems like a “please stop asking us about this” type of statement than one usually given for an accusation like the one leveled against a company.


The same member is now being accused of having a sexual relationship with a foreign fan as well.


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