Choi Jong Bum (Hara’s ex) releases statement in which he apologizes and then promotes his new hair salon

Choi Jong Bum, Hara‘s ex that’s facing charges that he assaulted her, blackmailed her with a sex tape, and then tried to frame himself as a victim to the media, has released an apology ahead of the opening of his new hair salon which he then promotes.

Hello, this is Choi Jong Bum. First of all, I would like to deliver words of apology for causing many people to worry. I was unable to contact my friends, acquaintances, and everyone around me who have liked and cherished me because my original KakaoTalk account had been deleted. It was also difficult for me to check DMs (direct messages) on Instagram due to problems with my account. I once again apologize for causing you to worry and be upset for a long time. If you send me a DM, I will send you my contact information. I plan to live the rest of my life reflecting on my mistakes that worried my colleagues at the hair salon who trusted me, people who have shown me their support, and my family. With this state of mind, I will be opening a new hair salon, for which I prepared for a long time with support and help from people around me. I’m still lacking in many aspects, but just as I’ve always done, I will continue to do my best with my job. I would like to ask for forgiveness from those who have cherished me by doing my best in my place with more maturity not only for myself, but for those working at the salon, my family, and close acquaintances. Once again, I sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable because of me. Thank you.

It continues to be utterly ridiculous that Hara even faced charges for defending herself against this dude after he played up scratches as a serious injury for the exact amount of treatment time necessary to get her charged with a crime even if it was self-defense.

Right, as I covered before, Hara also being charged was inevitable due to the nature of Korea’s (wonky, IMO) self-defense laws and the fact that he coincidentally needed the exact amount of recovery time necessary (for scratches) to nix that being a valid defense for her.

Perhaps even more ridiculous is this dude’s statement where he appears to use publicity from this case to promote his new hair salon. The shamelessness is truly remarkable.


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