Mina leaves AOA, FNCE says group will continue as 5 + Choa’s contract also ends

In a statement, FNC Entertainment has updated everybody on the status of AOA‘s contracts. Mina has chosen not to renew and will leave the group, but Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Chanmi have renewed and will continue AOA as five.

Hello. This is FNC Entertainment. Our company recently renewed our contracts with five members of AOA: Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Chanmi. The five members of AOA agreed to renew their contracts and maintain the team as is out of their love for their fans. Our company has worked with AOA with mutual trust and belief, and we plan to fully support the five members who have renewed [with FNC] so that they can continue to promote actively. Mina, who has been with us for seven years, has decided to part ways with us to follow her dreams after thorough discussion with our company. To respect her choice, we have decided on the termination of her contract and her departure from the group. We ask you to support and encourage Mina’s difficult decision. Our company plans to support the five AOA members who have renewed with the company in various ways to ensure that they can consistently release music and continue on with their fans, while also helping them promote individually by bringing out the best in each member. Thank you.

Honestly? Kinda surprised. Definitely seems like the best option for everybody except maybe Seolhyun if they want to continue their lives as celebrities, but usually at this point either they’re no longer worth it to the company or enough members are tired of the industry that it’s no longer feasible.

Should be interesting to see if they actually continue to make regular releases as a group or if this is primarily just about being under FNCE and they go around doing a lot of individual work.

Also, despite leaving the group two years ago, Choa‘s contract just expired with FNCE.

On May 13, it was reported that Choa has now left FNC Entertainment also. In response to the reports, the agency confirmed, “Our contract with Choa has ended. We ask for your understanding in not being able to reveal the exact timing due to the terms of the contract.”

Not surprising at this point, but still shocked that she hasn’t continued on in the industry as she (and Seolhyun) seemed most likely in the group to find a lasting career doing something.


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