Eli & Kiseop leave U-KISS, making all 7 of us fans left cry

In a shock move for everyone who had totally forgotten about U-KISS, it was announced earlier today (May 16) that both Eli and Kiseop are leaving the group.

Both Kiseop and Eli have chosen not to renew their contracts with NH Media and Avex, and if you’re one of U-KISS’s seven remaining fans that isn’t really that much of a surprise. After all, Kiseop is currently in the military, and Eli is primarily focusing on raising his young son and actually spending time with his wife.

What this means for U-KISS as a group is that, as it stands, there’s only three members remaining: Soohyun, who is still in the army; Hoon, who is currently a marine having enlisted earlier this year; and Jun, who at least a few people know of because he finished first on ‘The Unit‘ and deserves MUCH better than NH Media.

This means that U-KISS’s already extremely messy member timeline is now even messier. During their 11-year run, U-KISS have added four members (Kiseop, Hoon, AJ, Jun), and lost seven (Kibum, Alexander, Dongho, AJ, Kevin, and now Kiseop and Eli).

Regardless, it’s a sad day for U-KISS fans, and now I’m gonna go listen to “NEVERLAND” 50 times in a row and cry about how she deserved better.

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