[Review] Ladies’ Code bring a mature funk sound to the table with “Feedback”

Since their return in 2016, Ladies’ Code have pursued a more muted, moodier pop sound. But it’s been years since we’ve had a proper comeback from the girls, which makes it hard to predict where they’re at now when it comes to genre.

It’s a welcome surprise, then, that new single “Feedback” comes across as a mix between their older, funkier material and the newly-matured aesthetic of their post-2016 discography.

A song like “Feedback” isn’t particularly ambitious, which makes it hard to justify giving it an explosive rating, but it nails the limited parameters it sets for itself. The track is an amiable blend of disco, pop, and jazz, held aloft by a generous dose of rhythm guitar and a vampy, assured performance from the girls. The instrumental plunges us into the central groove from the very first moment, instantly transporting listeners back to the late 70s without feeling like a total pastiche.

Like so many verses nowadays, the opening minute of “Feedback” could do with some tightening. The production is incredibly focused — the melody less so. Luckily, Ladies’ Code impress with their mature vocals. There’s a luxurious tone to their delivery — full-throated when so many of their peers prefer chirpier, cuter styles. At times, “Feedback” feels more like something a soloist like Ailee would release. Its chorus doesn’t shoot for diva-style fireworks, but its perfectly laid-back, head-noddingly catchy construction goes down easy.

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