KARD’s concert vids include “Bomb Bomb” and covers of “Mi Gente” … and “USA” + Spanish singing attempts

At the start of the month, KARD released a clip of them performing “Gidd Up” at their Korean concert. Thankfully for those who weren’t able to attend that, they have also done the same for “Bomb Bomb“, and covers of J Balvin & Willy William‘s “Mi Gente” and DA PUMP‘s “USA“.



“Bomb Bomb”

J Balvin & Willy William – “Mi Gente”


God, more K-pop groups should cover “USA”, lol.

Also, as I catch up on shit I’ve missed over the months while I’ve been covering legal clusterfucks, here’s KARD attempting to sing “Bomb Bomb” in Spanish.

J.Seph, language king.

Plus, you knew I couldn’t not mention BM being on the cover of Men’s Health. Come on now.



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