Sulli has monetized her haters, named host of JTBC variety about facing hate comments

Sulli has long been the target of netizen outrage, and most of the time it’s over petty shit, especially compared to the scandals that have rocked the Korean entertainment world in recent years.

Well now all that hate is at least gonna pay off for her as she has managed to successfully monetize everybody’s hate by landing a hosting gig on a new JTBC variety show called ‘Night Of Hate Comments‘, where celebrities will face hate comments and constructive criticism alike directly.

On May 24, JTBC2 confirmed that the former f(x) member would be serving as an MC for its new variety show “Night of Hate Comments” (literal translation). “Night of Hate Comments” is described as a new talk show in which celebrities will face malicious comments head-on by reading them out loud and responding to them directly. Shin Dong Yup, Kim Sook, and Kim Jong Min will also be appearing on the show as hosts alongside Sulli. In addition to the four MCs, a new guest will appear on the show each week. The program, which will mark Sulli’s very first time hosting a talk show as a fixed MC, will be helmed by producing director (PD) Lee Na Ra, who recently oversaw JTBC’s “LAN Cable Life.” “Night of Hate Comments” is scheduled to premiere on June 21 at 8 p.m. KST.

You know, rarely in life do things end up being perfect, but this has to be one of those situations.

Sashihara Rino would be proud.

Seriously though, while it’s never actually a good thing to be the focus of such intense scrutiny and backlash, her apparent attitude of making the best of it seems like a decent way to handle it.


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