PSY addresses ties to Jho Low and involvement in the dinner with him & YG

Following Korean reports of YG mediating prostitution for investors, Malaysian reports pointed towards Jho Low as being involved, but while the Jho Low admitted to meeting YG he denied knowing anything about prostitution.

In the middle of that, he mentioned that he met YG through PSY, who was in YG Entertainment at the time, thus connecting PSY to this entire mess and understandably raising suspicions. Well PSY recently addressed that connection in a statement posted to Instagram.

Hello. This is PSY. It is true that the Jho Low mentioned in the news is my friend. When I knew [Jho Low] back then, he had been someone who was active in Hollywood’s show business industry. I came to know of him because of my overseas activities during that time, and I introduced Jho Low to Yang Hyun Suk. Regardless of if he was a good friend or not, it is an indisputable fact that I was friends with Jho Low. When Jho Low and his party visited Korea as part of their Asia tour, Yang Hyun Suk and I were invited to attend [the dinner]. After eating and drinking with others who had been invited, Yang Hyun Suk and I left first. At that time, I thought of [the dinner] as a meeting with a friend who came from a faraway country. I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused with this matter.

So PSY isn’t accused of mediating prostitution or being involved in this Burning Sun scandal mess, and this all happened before Jho Low became a fugitive. However, people are obviously going to have valid questions about whether PSY truly just went to dinner and had no knowledge of what was going on. Admittedly, it seems unlikely that an industry vet like him would just have no idea what was going on around him.

Obviously the optics are shit for PSY right now, with one guy a fugitive and one guy being linked to a massive scandal, but whether anything further about PSY is revealed will likely be important to the perception of him going forward.


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