Some ex-PRISTIN members that left Pledis reportedly forming girl group, Nayoung to lead

PRISTIN made news by disbanding recently, and after never having been given a chance by Pledis Entertainment, some of the members who left the company will reportedly be giving themselves one and starting their own girl group.

On June 4, industry representatives reported that some of the members who left have signed with a new agency. Led by Nayoung, they are reportedly preparing to debut together in a new girl group along with trainees from the agency.

The only name mentioned by the report is Nayoung and the company that’s backing this has yet to be revealed as well, so hopefully it ends up being true.

Of course, this all makes sense on its face. As far as debuting a girl group goes, it probably wouldn’t get much better than debuting one that already has a bit of a built-in fanbase to work from, and hopefully this time they at least get a real opportunity.


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