[Update] (G)I-DLE/MAMAMOO/CLC video titles edited through abuse of YouTube community feature by trolls

In what thankfully turned out to be an amusing bit of mess more than anything, CUBE Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel was hacked or something recently, and the title and description of at least two videos were changed.

Above, you can see Soyeon‘s recently released song has had the title and description was edited, and below you can see that stuff on (G)I-DLE‘s “Hann” MV was changed as well.


No word on whether the person who did it is actually a LOONA stan or just a troll, but unfortunately for them, they still fell short of Taeyeon stans regardless.


MAMAMOO and CLC were also involved.

Though the captions seem quite dramatic since it’s likely just a troll.

And apparently it’s not even a hack, just dumb permissions on YouTube’s community feature, meaning it was likely a bunch of people fucking around.


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