FT Island’s Minhwan prioritizes baseball over his child, I stan!

Minhwan of FT Island has come under criticism from netizens recently for carrying the son of him and Yulhee on his chest as he violently tried to throw his first pitch as hard as possible thus seemingly risking snapping the child’s spine like dry spaghetti or something dramatic like that.

As a result, Minhwan released an apology on Instagram.

Hello, this is Choi Minhwan. I apologize for making many people worry about my first pitch at the baseball game between LG and Hanhwa because it could have been dangerous for the baby. This was my first time being invited to throw the first pitch, and I was happy to think that I could share such an honor with my son. Before I went up to throw the pitch, I practiced a lot and thought a lot about how I could throw a pitch that would suit the moment and also be safe. In the end, due to my carelessness, it could have been dangerous for my baby, and I’m sorry for causing many people to worry about this. As a father who loves his baby more than anyone else in the world, I will do my best to make sure that my child grows up safe and healthy. I apologize once again for causing problems.

While many are choosing to be critical of Minhwan’s parenting abilities here, the reality is that he made the right choice because baseball is more important than children.

Fact: Baseball is fun and good.

Fact: Humanity is a mess and there are too many of us around anyway.

Therefore, Minhwan is good, actually.


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