Berry Good’s Johyun basically criticized for doing cosplay while attractive + company, network, Johyun respond

Johyun of Berry Good cosplayed as Ahri from League Of Legends at OGN‘s ‘Game Dolympic‘ event yesterday and she seemingly pissed off a lot of people, essentially because she is an attractive human.


Let’s be honest, nobody would care if she had like small boobs or something.

In response to the criticism, her agency JTG Entertainment and the network OGN released responses, saying this was pre-planned.

A source from her agency JTG Entertainment stated to outlet No Cut News, “After discussing with the organizers, she wore an outfit prepared for her in order to perfectly pull off the cosplay.” They added, “She likes and enjoys games, and she wanted to communicate together with game users.”

A source from the the host channel OGN said, “It’s true that we prepared the outfit for her after discussing with her agency.” They went on to say, “It was simply a cosplay of a game character, and so we ask that you refrain from overanalyzing it.”

I mean, they did it for promo and it’s certainly been a success on that front. Though I’m not sure why the bashing had to come with it.

Most importantly, she spoke up about it on herself on Instagram Stories, primarily thanking fans for their support.

I’m always doing my best while feeling thankful that I’m able to be a celebrity. I’m also human and a regular Korean woman whose emotions and thoughts waver as a result of criticism and words of support. Sometimes, I look at my reflection in the mirror and think of myself as pathetic, and I wonder if I have to accept this truth. Though it’s hard to endure the myriad of emotions that get jumbled up together, I’m overcoming it by cheering myself on. Although I’m not perfect, I’m doing my best for the sake of my projects and broadcasts. Your warm words of support made me tear up. I sincerely want to thank you. I believe we should respect everyone regardless of their gender because we all grew up in different environments and think differently. I love everyone that is living in the same era as I am! As long as your health allows you to do so, I hope that everyone will do what they want to do, spend happy and enjoyable days, and live their one and only lives helping others out. Have a good day today. I sincerely thank you and love you for cheering me on. Thank you for holding me whenever I falter. I’m still very young, but I will grow into a mature person!

Obviously seems like a lot of hand-wringing over nothing much, though I’m glad she came off well in her response to this.

Gotta hustle a bit in this crowded industry.


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