YGE appoints Hwang Bo Kyung as CEO, who has quite a mess on her hands

Following YG’s brother, Yang Min Suk, stepping down from his position of YG Entertainment CEO, it was worth watching who they appointed to take over to see if anything was going to change or not. The obvious answer to that was provided today as they promoted Hwang Bo Kyung to CEO.

On June 20, the company’s board of directors held a special meeting and appointed Hwang Bo Kyung as the new CEO following Yang Min Suk’s recent resignation. Hwang Bo Kyung entered YG Entertainment in 2001 and has been serving as an executive director and CFO. She commented, “I feel heavy responsibility and a sense of duty during this difficult time. I will straighten out the basics in order for YG Entertainment to take a step forward.” It was also determined during the board meeting that YG Entertainment will launch a new business transformation committee.

I guess people could be less cynical about it, which I envy, but this sure as hell seems like more of the same regardless of which sex is in charge.


Or as was pointed out to me, perhaps it’s even worse and she’s just being setup as a human shield for what YG and his brother did.

Regardless, I really do hope for the best, but … it’s difficult to be optimistic.


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