Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon appears on ‘King Of Mask Singer’, robbed of being named Mask King in perpetuity

After her cover of “Speechless” from ‘Aladdin’ was released the other day, many wanted Dreamcatcher‘s Siyeon to appear on ‘King Of Mask Singer‘, and she did exactly that on the most recent episode, singing Whitney Houston‘s “Greatest Love Of All“.



Amazingly, she was not named eternal Mask King, which means it’s time to hunt down the voters!


I do actually think she was better, for real.

Regardless, she sung Lena Park‘s “Sweet” after being eliminated.



She also sung a rock type of song in Rumble Fish‘s “A Lucky Day” to prove she can do it.



Though the audience didn’t vote for her to win, the judges seemed to like her at least.

Contestants Cupcake and Coffee and Donut performed a duet of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All,” mesmerizing the viewers with their captivating voices. Yoo Young Seok praised Coffee and Donut, saying, “[Her voice is] elegant and rich. I don’t know how to describe it.” WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon emphasized that she seems to be an older person and that she isn’t an idol.


As for Siyeon, she was happy to just be on the show.

Siyeon shared, “The reason I came out here was because I wanted to be seen without prejudice. Thank you for seeing me in a positive light.”

Following the broadcast, Siyeon posted a video and photos of herself on Twitter. She said, “InSomnia [fandom name], it’s Coffee and Donut. If you knew it was me, post it on the fan cafe! I’m curious! I don’t think anyone knew though. ‘The King of Mask Singer’ was a truly fun and happy experience. I will become a singer you can be proud of.”

Siyeon’s variety skills got her a hag rating from the judges, however.


Hard to blame them.




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