Yoshimoto Kogyo (‘PD 101 Japan’ partners) suspends 11 comedians for being paid to attend party held by ‘anti-social forces’ (organized crime)

In what is hilarious but correct wording, major entertainment agency Yoshimoto Kogyo has announced the suspension of 11 comedians for participating in a party held by ‘anti-social forces (organized crime).’

Talent agency Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. on Monday announced the suspension of 11 comedians for participating in a party held by so-called “anti-social forces” group without prior clearance from the agency, reports TV Asahi (June 24). According to the agency, the suspended comedians include Hiroyuki Miyasako (49), Ryo Tamura (47), Razor Ramon Hard Gay (43), Yoshinari Fukushima (41), Masashi Kumada (46), Punch Hamasaki (38), Takuhiro Kimura (43), Moody Katsuyama (39), Hiroyuki Yasoshima (35), Hiroshi Tsunemichi (36) and Diego (41).The gathering, held five years ago, was organized by an anti-social forces group — a euphemism for a criminal syndicate — that carries out fraud. The 11 comedians accepted money to attend, the agency said. “Even though [the comedians] did not know that the event was hosted by an anti-social group, it is still a very serious matter that they received money,” Yoshimoto Kogyo said.

Notably, that they didn’t get permission to go is perhaps the most amusing part of why they were suspended, since it seems like the agency not getting their cut was the most pressing part about this.

They also terminated the contract of the comedian who organized the payments.

On June 4, the agency terminated the contract with comedian Shinya Irie, 42, who was found to have organized the payments for the comedians.

Anyway, this is of note because this is the same company set to partner with CJ E&M for ‘Produce 101 Japan’. At the time of that reveal, Asian Junkie explored the company’s history with criminal ties, and this is also the company that has previously been reported as having slave contracts for NMB48.


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