Park Bogum denies involvement in Song Joong Ki/Song Hye Kyo divorce

Rumors were swirling after it was announced that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo were headed for divorce, and one of them gained enough momentum that it warranted an official denial, as Park Bogum had a statement issued for him through his agency Blossom Entertainment clarifying that he had no involvement of the end of the Song-Song marriage.

“Park Bo-gum, who recently starred in the drama with Song Hye-kyo, is unexpectedly mentioned in the rumor. It is offensive that Park’s name is mentioned in the divorce. The agency will take strong action against groundless rumors regarding Park. Rumors about Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo are absolutely not true,” an official from the agency said. Blossom Entertainment, which represents both Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-gum, announced it would find the source of the rumor and take legal action against the person.

Denying this probably has created a Streisand Effect internationally, but in Asia this was definitely going around, so his company probably felt it necessary to make a denial.


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