WJSN promoted “Boogie Up” out the wazoo with content, also covered EXO’s “Love Shot”

WJSN’s “Boogie Up” has grown on me since it was released, partially because it’s a cheery summery track coming into season and partially because they are attractive humans and have inundated us all with content.

There’s a dance practice, a moving dance practice, a performance video, two types of relay dances, a random play relay dance, and like an outfit switch dance.

Amazingly, there was even more content than that, but I had to worry about overloading browsers at this point due to the amount of video. Look, I’m not complaining.

In hilarious contrast to their concept for “Boogie Up”, WJSN also collaborated with Dispatch to film a dance cover of EXO‘s “Love Shot“, which is out-fucking-standing.


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