Min Hee Jin (ex-SME) joins Big Hit as CBO, will lead debut of a new girl group

Min Hee Jin, former board member and creative director for SM Entertainment, has joined Big Hit Entertainment as their Chief Brand Officer (CBO).

Min Hee Jin is applauded as the person who brought change to the entertainment industry by making “Visual directing” and “concepts” key terms in the business. While she was working at SM Entertainment, she opened up a new chapter in girl groups by planning concepts for Girls’ Generation, f(x), and Red Velvet. Through SHINee, she formed the concept “Conceptive,” while her work with EXO combined symbols and universe building, showcasing her abilities to create precise branding strategies for each artist.

Although the branding and creative roles she plays will technically be more significant than anything else, perhaps the lede is being buried here as she’s going to lead the debut of a new girl group as well.

Big Hit Entertainment confirmed the news, explaining that she will be overseeing the brand as Big Hit and its related businesses undergo structural reorganization and label expansion. Not only will the agency expand its portfolio through a multi label structure, but they hope to solidify their branding through an overall reorganization process. She will also be the creative director  to multiple labels other than Big Hit and is set to lead the debut of a new girl group. She will also launch her new label and bringing in new talent and produce music.

Both Min Hee Jin and Big Hit CEO Bang Shi Hyuk commented themselves on the news.

After leaving SM Entertainment late last year, Min Hee Jin has been receiving offers from various domestic and overseas agencies, but has made the final decision to join Big Hit. She stated, “I am happy but feel a lot of pressure about starting the second chapter of my career as a creator at Big Hit. While talking with Big Hit, I was surprised to learn that we share similarities in our determination to change the entertainment industry, our vision to expand the industry, and the future we see for the industry,” and “I am excited about the future I will share with Big Hit and its related businesses as we reorganize into a multi label system specializing in each area of business.”

Bang Shi Hyuk, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, stated, “Min Hee Jin is a leader of leaders who brought the concept of combining ‘Visual director’ and ‘planner’ to K-pop,” and “I am very happy to have an expert who leads the industry join us as we focus on contents and fans.” He went on to say, “We believe the knowledge Min Hee Jin has about branding will help give wings to Big Hit and its related businesses as we undergo restructuring. I’m excited to see what kind of innovation this forward-thinking creator will bring to K-pop with her own label.”

That girl group news has both a lot of potential for concept and music and what not, and also a lot of potential for mess, both the group and fandom stuff.

Can’t wait.


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