Way (ex-Crayon Pop) talks idol life on Asian Boss, also does that on YouTube along with other stuff

Alright, so every Tom, Dick, and Harry have been sending me a link to former Crayon Pop member Way (with a cameo from Choa) on Asian Boss, talking about her time as an idol.

Thing is, I’ve been waiting to do a post about her YouTube channel forever now, and I guess this is just a good a time as any. Way has had a YouTube channel with Choa for years now, but three months ago she became a YouTuber in earnest with WayLand.

Not to downplay the Asian Boss appearance, but this is hardly the first time she’s talked about her idol life, as she actually does it rather often in Q&A format.

Other than being under threat of Way’s Girls at all times, I do think she’s one of the better former idol YouTubers, both because she’s embraced it and because she has better insights to share as somebody who worked in the industry for a good long while, started out as a nugu, and actually experienced popularity at some point.

Plus, none of your brain genius faves are smart enough to drink fucking coke during an eating challenge.


They also won’t do a video about recruiting for their crime syndicate.

Then later drop dance covers of popular songs.


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