Sulli’s response to her no-bra controversies on ‘Night Of Hate Comments’ inspired women to start a no-bra hashtag

Sulli recently made her solo debut with “Goblin”, and during her showcase she handed out juice and pads to the audience, which was appropriate since most of them were women.

So that was cool and amusing, but on ‘Night Of Hate Comments‘, Sulli spoke out about why she doesn’t wear bras.

Sulli has also frequently been the subject of malicious comments about how she sometimes uploads photos in which she’s not wearing a bra. In response to one of these comments, she said, “I think this is about the freedom of the individual. Bras aren’t good for your health. They have a wire. They’re not good for your digestive organs, and I have issues with my digestion. Since it’s more comfortable not to, I don’t wear them. I think that it’s free and beautiful.” She went on to say that she thinks of bras as accessories. She said, “They suit some clothing, and if there’s a piece of clothing that doesn’t look good with a bra, then I don’t wear one.” She surprised the others when she said, “I’m not wearing that accessory right now.” When asked why she continues to upload photos of herself without bras on social media, she replied, “When I first posted a ‘no bra’ photo, there was a lot of talk about it. I was scared and could have hidden, but the reason I didn’t is that I want to change peoples’ prejudices about that. Part of me also wanted to say ‘This isn’t that big of a deal.’” “I’ve heard that lately there are more people who go out without bras on,” said Sulli.

Sulli’s characterization of bras as just accessories has seemingly caught on, or at least been used as a jumping off point, as has her general disdain for them.

This is especially cool, because as far as I can tell, these are the non-TERF feminists who are supporting her stance on bras (and probably supporting her in general).

Even Netizen Buzz couldn’t find comments hating on her, apparently.


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