MBKE announces Jenny will be leaving DIA due to her knee injury

Jenny of DIA has been missing from activities for a while now due to a knee injury, and today MBK Entertainment announced on the group’s fancafe that she would be leaving the group.

Hello, this is MBK Entertainment. First, we would like to apologize for bringing bad news to everyone who loves and supports DIA. We are sharing news about Jenny leaving DIA. During DIA’s ‘SUMMER ADE’ promotions, Jenny was suffered from severe pain in her knees, and after examination, she was diagnosed with osteomalacia. Because of this, she could not promote with the group during their ‘NEWTRO’ promotions.
We have been doing out best to help Jenny with her recovery, and with continuous treatment, her health has gotten a lot better. However, it is still too much for her to continue with DIA activities. Following the opinion of the doctors, and after many discussions with Jenny, it has been decided that she will stop promoting with DIA and work hard on her recovery. We would like to apologize to AID who have been waiting to see Jenny return to the group healthy. We would also like to apologize to AID for the sudden news, and we would like to thank AID for loving Jenny all this time. Thank you.

Wish the best for Jenny and am hopeful that she’ll be alright because MBKE says her exit is due to an injury, and if MBKE’s track record is anything to go by, she’ll be joining a dance team in a week.


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