[Review] NATURE’s “I’m So Pretty” injects some life into summer

Rookie girl group Nature have mostly flown under the radar so far, but they’re slowly developing a fun, bubblegum pop discography that points toward even better things to come. Looking back, last year’s “Allegro Cantabile” and “You’ll Be Mine” were both working out the kinks in preparation for a song like “I’m So Pretty“. Cringeworthy title aside, this is the most polished the group has sounded yet.

The most refreshing thing about “I’m So Pretty” is that it completely sidesteps today’s K-pop trends. I’ll always love songs that feel like they could have been released in any era, and “I’m So Pretty” hearkens back to a time when K-pop used to supply that feeling on the regular. After a brief explosion of synthy brass, the track bounds into its exuberant, stomping pop beat. The delivery during these verses maintains Nature’s cute image but thankfully shies away from over-affected aegyo. From here, the song hits a brief hiccup during its disruptive, brassy pre-chorus, but quickly rights itself.

The strongest hook of “I’m So Pretty” is repeated often, first as a melodic response within the otherwise unadorned verses, and then as the killing point of the lively chorus. This chirpy refrain is instantly endearing, and offers a great anchor for the track. Even when things go a bit off the rails during a sing-song second verse, the song’s indomitable pop instincts are able to keep things moving. In a summer plagued by low-energy disappointments so far, the invigorating verve of “I’m So Pretty” may be just the jolt July needs to finally wake up and get going.

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