Asterisk East (ex-)member Onodera Popuko dramatically quits on stage with middle fingers blazing

A few days ago a video went viral for rather obvious reasons, as a member (now former) of indie idol group Asterisk East dramatically resigned from her position by storming onto the stage, grabbing a mic, and leveling bullying allegations at the other members. Most notably, she also flipped the bird at multiple points to both the staff and her former group members.

A couple of highlight clips of sorts.

J-pop is fucking amazing sometimes, honestly.

Anyway, obviously after this blew up, people turned their attention to the other members of the previously rather anonymous group and began attacking them. As a result, they were forced to address the issue as well, though their side of things told a different story.

Basically they’re saying that she didn’t want to work hard and she saw that as bullying, painting this as more of a dispute than a one-sided thing.

What’s the truth? Dunno, believe who you want, I suppose. But regardless, what an amazing moment of drama and mess.


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