Actor Kang Ji Hwan admits to all charges in sexual assault case, so I guess he got his memory back

Actor Kang Ji Hwan has admitted to charges of sexual assault in court today. About a week ago, the actor was arrested following being accused of sexually assaulting two women from his company.

According to reports, Kang Ji Hwan returned home with two female employees from his agency (hereafter referred to as “A” and “B”) to have more drinks following a company dinner. Later that night, he went into the room where the two women were sleeping and committed sexual assault on “A” and indecent assault on “B.” Earlier that night at 9:41 p.m., “A” had texted a friend in Seoul and said, “I had some drinks at actor Kang Ji Hwan’s house, and now we’re trapped,” and asked her friend to report it. When the police arrived at Kang Ji Hwan’s home, “A” said that she had been sleeping when Kang Ji Hwan sexually assaulted her, leading to the actor’s arrest.

At the time he denied remembering anything about the sexual assault and that he had been drinking, which is generally the go-to excuse for guilty men in Korea accused of doing this kind of thing.

At the police station, Kang Ji Hwan said, “I remember having drinks, but I don’t remember anything after that. When I opened my eyes, I was in the room where [‘A’] was sleeping.” After a round of questioning, Kang Ji Hwan, still intoxicated, was put in holding. Police will be questioning Kang Ji Hwan again later today.

Nevertheless, one of the victims testified that she witnessed the sexual assault herself.

On July 10, “A,” one of the victims of the case, gave her testimony to the police and is said to have stated that she witnessed Kang Ji Hwan attempting to sexually assault the other victim “B” while they were sleeping in a room in his home. According to “A,” she woke up and when she saw what was going on next to her, she screamed and that is when Kang Ji Hwan stopped his attempts. She also told police that her clothes were in severe disarray, leading her to believe that she had suffered a similar situation, which is why she was speaking to police. “B” is also said to have given her testimony based on what she remembers, and it is being said that no parts in the testimonies given by “A” and “B” are in disagreement. Before going to the police station, the victims visited the Seoul Sunflower Center, which provides assistance to victims of sexual violence, to undergo examinations and testing for sexual assault. The results will take approximately one week to be released. Although they were initially reported as employees of the same agency Kang Ji Hwan is signed on with, his agency has stated that the victims are outsourced staff members.

Thankfully, Kang Ji Hwan recently regained his memory and admitted in court to all charges of sexual assault.

This is Kang Ji Hwan’s law firm HwaHyun. We are conveying Kang Ji Hwan’s official statement. This is Kang Ji Hwan. I admit to all charges and I bow my head and sincerely apologize to the victims that I have hurt greatly with my irreparable wrongdoing. I want to also apologize to everyone that I have concerned because of this. I will accept punishment for my crimes and make atonement. I apologize profusely. Signed, Kang Ji Hwan.

Given that his victims were, as recently as yesterday, being victim blamed for calling friends before the police, his admission at least spares the victims (and anybody in the public with a brain) from months of apologia and/or cover-ups.


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