Bullying saga of Berry Good’s Daye appears to end with her exoneration

The recent bullying saga surrounding Berry Good‘s Daye has seemingly come to a surprising end.

Back in May, Daye was accused in an anonymous post of being a school bully back in elementary school, but she denied it through her company and JTG Entertainment threatened legal action. After that, a second person came forward and said she was a victim of Daye, but Daye issued a strong denial and explanation that the person making the allegations was the actual bully and that while a confrontation took place as a result of that, she was not involved and thus her school record is clean. Again, her company stated that they would be taking legal action.

Later, a report by Wikitree then emerged that seemingly contradicted what Daye claimed about her record, saying that she and trainee from ‘Produce 101‘ had been disciplined for school violence. Through a lawyer, Daye responded by saying that was false and both the lawyer and her company reiterated the legal threats.

As it turns out, Daye’s side was telling the truth. Wikitree issued a retraction of their earlier claims about her school record and made a correction.

On July 13, Wikitree released a correction and refutation of their earlier report, which was then uploaded to Berry Good’s official Twitter and Instagram pages. In the post, Wikitree stated, “After reviewing the facts, the accusation that Berry Good’s Daye was disciplined with five days of volunteer work and four hours of special classes for school violence was discovered to be false. It was found that it was a third party who received the disciplinary measures and not Daye.” They continued, “At the time of the incident, Daye never received any disciplinary action for school violence under Article 17 of the School Violence Prevention and Countermeasures Act. As it was found that Daye has no connection to these disciplinary measures, we correct our report.”

If Daye was never disciplined, and thus her change of schools was not for those reasons, it doesn’t only clear her of the second accusation but provides evidence against the first one as well.

While the first accusation is still technically indefinitely in wait and see mode, given confirmation of Daye’s records and that the initial accuser has not been heard from since Daye’s rebuttal and explanation, for now this saga seems to have ended with Daye being cleared.


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