Woollim drops a logo video for Rocket Punch, which might be their new girl group

At midnight, Woollim Entertainment dropped a logo for something named Rocket Punch, which is being speculated as their new girl group.

My impression is already favorable just based on the name alone, honestly. Something cool for once.

That said, if it is the girl group, the timing is surprising considering Eunbi and Chaewon are going to be in IZ*ONE for a while more. I suppose it’ll probably be similar to the situation WJSN‘s Yeonjung was in for being added after IOI, though Woollim debuting the group this soon is a surprise.

Anyway, I’m assuming Takahashi Juri will be a part of this, which is cool in itself. Also, here are profiles of the Woollim female trainees that might be in a group.


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