YGE reportedly delays TREASURE 13’s debut after YG’s exit

YG Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group TREASURE 13 was supposed to have debuted between May and July of this year, but that obviously isn’t happening at this point. A recent report says YGE was forced to delay their debut due to YG’s exit from the company after his alleged involvement in prostitution and tax evasion scandals.

On July 24, an inside source of YG Entertainment shared, “Main producer Yang Hyun Suk, who had control over TREASURE 13’s debut project, recently stepped down due to suspicions of prostitution mediation, leading to an unintentional setback [for TREASURE 13]. Internally, TREASURE 13’s debut project has basically been postponed indefinitely.”

YGE themselves gave no comment, though it doesn’t take a brain genius to read the writing on the wall here.

YG Entertainment commented, “We have nothing to say on the matter.”

Given that it’s a YGE group, it was likely to be delayed anyway if we’re being honest. However, now it feels like their future could be in doubt.

YGE’s current financial situation likely requires them to focus on established talents that are more of a sure thing for a return in the near future, at least until things can get sorted out a bit financially.


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