Mnet requests 3rd party investigation of ‘PDX101’ voting mess, ex-staff speak up about manipulation

After a massive amount of backlash following the results of ‘Produce X 101‘ and threats of a lawsuit and investigation into the voting results, Mnet admitted to errors. That didn’t seem to satisfy … well, anybody, so they released another statement recently saying that their internal investigation could not get to the bottom of the issue so they have requested for a third party to come in.

Mnet carried out an internal investigation following the controversy, but the judgment was made that there may be limitations in verifying the facts. As a result, we have submitted a request for investigation to an investigative agency with public credibility. Mnet will actively cooperate with the investigation to clearly reveal the facts, and we will take responsibility if necessary.

I still wouldn’t expect anything significant to come out of it, but boy did they get serious about this once a lawsuit and investigation was brought up, huh?


In maybe related news, former Mnet staff have been saying that at least the Mnet shows they worked on were rigged.

A, who used to work for Mnet, talks about how the audition programs in Mnet usually list the rank from the very start and come up with story-line for the show. They say that it’s possible for Mnet to manipulate the vote counts. B, another staff who used to work for Mnet says that they think Mnet really did manipulate the vote counts. They also reveal that Mnet has done it (manipulating vote counts) before. They say that Mnet already has the line up of debuting members from the very start of the shooting and no one complains about it.

Not saying that it’s necessarily good that Mnet was allegedly doing this, but nobody watching survival shows can possibly be shocked that they have narratives and they may have predetermined outcomes, right? Especially for survival shows put on by entertainment companies themselves that more likely see the show as marketing than anything else.

It certainly seems like they have messed up this time though by getting too greedy or sloppy or both.


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