Kangta impresses by having to deny 2 dating scandals in 1 day

For many who remember the first generation of K-pop, Kangta always seemed to be the most impressive member of HOT, and he continued to prove that today by getting into and denying two dating scandals in a single day.

Initially the scandal was with racing model Woo Joo Ahn, which happened due to no fault of his own, after she randomly/accidentally posted a clip of the two together being lovey-dovey.

Earlier that day, the racing model (known as Woo Joo Ahn, real name Han Ga Eun) shared on her personal Instagram a video of her and Kangta acting lovey-dovey together at a Korean sauna. The video was quickly taken down, but netizens spotted that the video was tagged with Kangta’s Instagram username and captioned, “Lovestagram.”

SM Entertainment denied that the relationship was current.

Kangta’s agency, SM Entertainment, responded to the issue by stating, “The relationship ended many years ago. We heard that the other side uploaded the video by mistake and has taken it down.”

Somehow it doesn’t seem like an accident on her part then, more like bragging after the fact, maybe?

Later in the day there were rumors about him with actress Jung Yumi, but sources denied any relationship.

Market News reported that Kangta and Jung Yu Mi became close friends after being introduced to one another other by a mutual friend and began dating two years ago. However, a source from Kangta’s agency SM Entertainment denied the report, saying, “They are just close friends.” Similarly, Jung Yu Mi’s agency Ace Factory stated, “The dating reports are not true. Kangta and Jung Yu Mi are close colleagues.”

Can’t honestly say I’ve seen this before where somebody has had two dating scandals in one day, but I suppose HOT have always been pioneers.


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